Lorenz Chen
Winner of the Competition 2017

Dear candidates,

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you to the Henri Marteau Competition. I am certain that you will gain wonderful experiences here in Upper Franconia.

I will always remember the competition of 2017 as a very special one among the many experiences I gathered at international competitions. The beautiful landscape, the town of Lichtenberg as well as the Marteau’s villa with its unique ambience offer an exceptional place for this competition.

The hospitality of the people contributes to the warm and informal atmosphere, which one feels at all times during the competition. The main reason why I had such a wonderful time in Lichtenberg was my host family Schmidt in the guest house Schmidt. The support which I was given was crucial for my success at the competition. I would like to use this opportunity to thank the both of them again!

Many thanks also to Hofer Symphoniker, to the accompanists with whom we could make music at an exceptional level, to the organisers for the smooth running of the competition, to the jurors and the fantastic audience in Lichtenberg and Hof.

Don’t feel intimidated by the competition, I am sure that you will feel at ease as much as I did and that you will be able to present your skills at your best!

I wish all of you best of luck, success and – above all – joy!

Best wishes

Lorenz Chen
Winner of the Marteau Competition 2017