1st Round


a. Johann Sebastian Bach
3rd and 4th movement of a sonata for violin solo, without repeats

b. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
1st movement and cadenza
by Henri Marteau of
• Concerto G Major, KV 216 or
• Concerto D Major, KV 218 or
• Concerto A Major, KV 219

c. Niccolò Paganini
One Capriccio from: 24 Capricci for violin solo op. 1


The candidate can choose the order of the repertoire freely.

2nd Round

A recital with a duration between 45 to 50 minutes.

All candidates are expected to approach their performance as a concert.
The chosen repertoire must include the following pieces:

• Henri Marteau: Caprice No. 1 „Improvisation“ from: 24 Caprices for violin and piano op. 25

• Ludwig van Beethoven: 1st movement of a sonata for piano and violin

• Max Reger: one prelude from: Preludes and Fugues for violin solo op. 117

• The commissioned work for violin solo by Xiaogang Ye, China

• A virtuoso piece - to be selected from this list

The recital can be completed with one or more pieces the candidate can choose freely.
The candidate can choose the order of the repertoire freely.
Not allowed are: Bach-compositions and pieces composed by the competitor.
The scores for Marteau and Ye will be sent by the competition office immediately after registration.
The candidate has to indicate the duration of the pieces.

3rd Round

Orchestra: Hofer Symphoniker

Conductor: Christoph-Mathias Mueller

One of the following concertos for violin and orchestra:

Ludwig van BeethovenConcerto D Major,op. 61
Johannes BrahmsConcerto D Major,op. 77
Antonin DvorákConcerto A Minor,op. 53
Felix Mendelssohn BartholdyConcerto E Minor,op. 64
Niccolò PaganiniConcerto No. 1 D Major,op. 6
Sergei Prokofiev Concerto No. 1 D Major,op. 19
Camille Saint-Saëns     Concerto No. 3 B Minor,op. 61
Jean SibeliusConcerto D Minor,op. 47
Pjotr Iljitsch TchaikowskyConcerto D Major,op. 35


All works must be performed from memory. Excepted are works written after 1945, the piece by Henri Marteau and sonatas for violin and piano. In this case scores may be used (original scores only). If artistically justifiable all works must be performed without repetition.