7th International
Violin Competition
Henri Marteau
26th April
to 9th May 2020

+++ Cancellation +++

Our International Violin Competition Henri Marteau 2020 has been cancelled today.

This is a joint decision by the District of Upper Franconia as government partner of the competition and by Hofer Symphoniker as organiser. The reason for the cancellation is the Corona-Virus and the health measures taken by the government to help contain the spread of the virus. In the current situation public health must be our number one priority.

Please stay healthy!

Hof/Lichtenberg, March 23, 2020





The goals of the competition are to encourage highly skilled young musicians on their way to an international career and to underline the importance of musical education for young people, to contribute to international understanding, to enable the exchange between young talented musicians and to recollect the name and work of the grand violinist Henri Marteau.

The competition encourages young musicians by providing cash and non-cash awards, by enabling them to meet internationally known violinists and by providing a subsequent support program which includes scholarships, the procurement of debut concerts and broadcast productions with the "Bayerischer Rundfunk".

Media Partner of the competition is the "Bayerischer Rundfunk" which provides an ideal platform for the performances of the young musicians through an intense media coverage. Many families in Lichtenberg and environs are accomodating the participants and their accompanists during the competition. more ...

Henri Marteau

Henri Marteau was born 31 March 1874 in Reims. His father Charles, a wealthy textile industrialist, and his mother Clara, born Schwendy, also from a wealthy family, regularly welcomed the european European elite of art and science in their home in Reims.

A concert in the parental home with the sole pupil of Niccol├▓ Paganini, Ernesto Camillo Sivori, was fateful for the 5 year old Henri: Sivori gave the enthusiastic child a small violin and his first lessons on the instrument. more ...