International retreat for music of the District of Upper Franconia

House Marteau

Between 1911 and 1913 the violinist Henri Marteau (born in 1874) constructed a mansion in Lichtenberg in which he lived and worked until his passing away
in 1934. It is situated at the edge of town, surrounded by a beautiful park and nestled into a charming landscape of low mountain ranges.

By establishing an international music retreat in his house, the district of Upper Franconia carried on the spirit and intent of Henri Marteau’s work: to teach students from all over the world. The current agenda of the district was augmented to offer advanced training for professional musicians and

Haus Marteau provides the following instruments: four grand pianos, one forte piano, six upright pianos, one cembalo as well as a set of Orff instruments
and a complete percussion instrumentarium. The 1st round and the semifinals will take place here between April 24 and May 2, 2017.
Listeners are cordially invited!

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