Former Prize Winners

Competition 2017

Yukino Nakamura


Since 2014: Department of Instrumental Music, Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts, Study with Prof Natsumi Tamai

2011-2014: Soai Senior High School Music Corse, Study with Prof. Machie Oguri, Awarded a scholarship


Competitions, Concerts and Prizes:

Since 2016: Scholarship support student in Yamaha Music Foundation

July 2015: The Prize-winner "The 36th Kirishima International Music Festival Award"

March 2015: The Prize-winner "The 20th Miyazaki International Music Academy Award"

January 2015: Concert with Japan century symphony orchestra at Osaka, Japan selected by the audition "Yound Budding Musician Training Project" which is co-organized by agenca for Cultural Affair, Government of Japan and Japan Federation of Musicians

September 2013: Opening concert and Smetana music festival in the 22nd Young Prague at Prague, Czech Rep.

December 2012: The prize-winner concert at Yokohama, Japan, Solo debut recital at Osaka, Japan

September 2011: The first- and Bach-prize winner in Kloster Schöntal International Violin Competition in Germany

August 2011: Akademiekonzert and Werkstattkonzert by recommendation of Prof. Igor Ozim, Salzburg

July 2011: Concorso music arte prize-winner concert in Vicenza and Venezia

November 2010: The third-prize winner and the best performer selected by the audience in the 64th Student Music Concours of Japan at Yokohama, Japan


Master Course:

August 2016: Prof. Pavel Vernikov, Prof. Svetlana Makarova in 54th Academie de Musique Tibor Varga, Sion

March 2016: Prof. Pavel Vernikov, Prof. Tsugio Tokunaga, Prof. Masao Kawasaki, Prof. Asako Urushihara, Prof. Svetlana Makarova in Music Academy in Miyazaki

June 2015: Prof. Pavel Vernikov in Kronberg Academy International Masterclass in Germany 

March 2015: Prof. Pavel Vernikov, Prof. Tsugio Tokunaga, Prof. Igor Volochine, Prof. Asako Urushihara, Prof. Svetlana Makarova in Music Academy in Miyazaki

August 2014: Prof. Régis Pasquier, Prof. Nam Yun Kim, Prof. Mihaela Martin, Prof. Michiko Kamiya, Prof. Clara-jumi Kang in Ishikawa Music Academy at Kanazawa

July 2012: Prof. Daniel Gaede in the 33rd Kirishima International Music Festival at Kagoshima

March 2012: Prof. Roland Daugareil in Institut francais du Japan at Kyoto

August 2011: Prof. Igor Ozim in Internationale Sommerakademie at Salzburg, Austria

January 2010-2008: Prof. Zakhar Bron in Miyazaki Zakhar Bron Music Festival

March 2008: Prof. Dong-Suk Kang and Prof. Akiko Tatsumi in Kasama International music academy