Preserve and Mold: The heritage of Henri Marteau


The International Music Retreat of the district of Upper Franconia in Lichtenberg is home to the International Violin Competition Henri Marteau.

For more than 25 years the district has been administering the musical heritage of Henri Marteau, providing an outstanding program and a unique atmosphere in the International Music Retreat. The district offers master classes to the highly talented youth of the world in the tremendous surroundings of Haus Marteau in Lichtenberg near Hof. The various classes, given by internationally distinguished professionals, are attended by young musicians from all continents.  

Cultural Funding with excellent activities

Among music retreats Haus Marteau enjoys an especially good reputation – thanks to its distinguished events and its exceptional charm. Besides the promotion and the enhacement of Marteau’s educational heritage the district of Upper Franconia reprocesses and communicates the historico-cultural background of Haus Marteau.
Thus, the district of Upper Franconia maintains comprehensively, financially supported by the Oberfrankenstiftung and the state of Bavaria, the inheritance of an important artist and educator, who shaped a part of european history of music.                              
The Haus Marteau is one of many examples of the interregional cultural funding of the district of upper Franconia. In the musical field it supports on a large scale the Bayreuth Festival, the Hof and Bamberg Symphonic Orchestras, the Theater Coburg, the Theater Hof and the technical school of music in Kronach. (